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    Wow, you say you are French? You are damn good at English! J'adore! Great work, keep it up. And thanks for reading my story, A Slave. It meant a lot.
    Love in a different way
    Love in a differen...
    Gabriella helps her parents in there restaurant. She doesn't go to school or do things like normal girls. Her parents are poor, but she's happy. One day wen the restaurant is very busy one special boy...
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    Thank you verry much !! That means alot to me too :) thanks again and no problem ;)
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    Amy was babysitting a group of four 7 year old kids for her mother's friend, Julie. She had babysitted for Julie before, many times, & Amy was her most trusted babysitter.
    After she had watched the children for half an hour as they had their own little arts-and-crafts session, she made her way to the room next door- she knew these kids & trusted them on their own. As she settled down in the room & reached to turn on the TV, she heard a little voice:

    "Trick trick triangle, go & check on the children!"

    Amy paused. Was Julie back?
    It didn't matter to her. Amy decided it was the right thing to do anyway so she went to check on the kids. And there they were, cutting out little triangles. She went back to the room & turned on the TV. It was going well for 10 minutes before she heard the voice again:

    "Trick trick triangle, go & check on the children!"

    So she did. The children had cut out more triangles, she saw on the table, but saw nothing to be overly concerned about. So she went back to watch the TV again, confused.

    "Trick trick triangle, DON'T check on the children!"

    Amy was perplexed. But being a responsible babysitter, she decided to do so anyway. And she was in for a shock.

    Because there was the four children, all dead with their throats cut open. There was blood everywhere. Amy was petrified & screamed. But only because, written on the wall facing her with the blood of the children, was a message for her:

    'Why did you check on the children?'
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    Hi! Thanks for entering the competition! I wanted to let you know that this entry hasn't counted. To enter, you have to upload a new movella (movellas.com/book/edit/movella) and then click the green button in the corner of this page that says Join This Competition. Good luck!
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