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Hey hey, I'm Moriciant. Or Mori, if it's easier.

I'm into high fantasy and sci-fi, and especially when the two meet. I'm a mad scientist, so if you've got any physics things then I'm a good person to ask.

I'm pretty chill and relaxed about... Basically everything. I don't really care who you are, who or what you like, what you choose to do, I just care if you're a nice person or not.

If so, then hi :D

Now, time for cookies.


  • Mori C. Felbrooke

    The Old War, Anew

    The most ancient forces the world hath ever wrought rise again, returning from a dreary oblivion to settle a fued as old as time itself.
    6 days ago
    Joe: Oh! Oh, I see... well I'll do it! Of course I'll do it! Eegal will too, of course. However he's still asleep... so I decided for him.
    Bird2: Oh great! Adventure!
    Bird3: Ah,yes, adventure...
    Joe: *turns to the crowd* have you done mourning yet? I'll need that sword! *he walks over*

    *the crowd still look upset, or down, saying nothing.*

    Joe: I'll take that as a yes. *he picks up the sword and Imperatoris Vanishes into his cloak before sliding through a portal he opened earlier, and having it close, the others look away*
    2 days ago
    Jack: *He follows after Joe* I'll need the help of everyone and anyone you can find. He'll be different when he comes back here, stronger, arrogant... We'll sort out whatever needs to be done here and then I'll fill you in on everything.*The sword he's lazily holding shatters, the shards dissipating before they hit the floor* Huh, well I guess that makes sense... Alright then, let's sort this mess out.
    8 hours ago
    King: Alright, we've got a plan!
    Liam: We have?
    King: Of course! *He and Cronzalm walk back to the slave ship, followed by the birds.*
    Liam: *Walks back to his own ship with Marytus* See you, lad! Safe travels!

    Joe: That seems unusual. Doesn't really make sense, but hey ho!... I wonder what to do now. We can't really teleport anywhere or fly anywhere... and we're in the middle of Felonia. Any moment now we'll be arrested...

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