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Writer on wattpad and on here. I will be posting all my already-published books on wattpad on to here so a lot more people can read them :)

  • fearlesslittlegirl
    Good gracious! Update now before I die! If I actually die you'll pay my hospital bills and get arrested for amazingly making this story.
    Our Daughter Darcy (Sequel)
    Our Daughter Darcy...
    When Lilly and Harry fight, Darcy will cry. She'll be sad.. but like any other young child.. will tell no one. When Darcy becomes a rebellious child and takes after her mothers past will she find a...
  • fearlesslittlegirl
    Because you named the girl Stephanie, it feels like your honoring Annika. :/
    Take A Look At me Now (Zayn Malik Fanfic)
    Take A Look At me...
    There is this girl Named Stephanie.. She's About to be 18 Next Month She lives in England , she Is the girl who was green 'Patient and all aout nature' and she is an animal Lover she has One sister and...
    5 years ago
    I know she told me that she was like a Hamster that have the big eyes like on the bedtime stories i forgot his name but i dont fucking care -.-
    5 years ago
    And stephanie is a girl except for annika there are many stephanie in the world i dont care if kung may name si annika dyan i do not freaking care i am Not giving another shit of this -.-
  • fearlesslittlegirl
    Natawa ako nung pagkakita ko plang nang pangalan ko parang gusto ko nang wasakin computer ko ksi ngka 'Heart Attack' ako ehh.... Getz mo?
    She Will Be Loved (Harry Styles fanfic)
    She Will Be Loved...
    (Peace BOOPmeBOOMlol - for putting your name in this story!) - (I have another info about this in the story other version for short) - (P.S. this note was appeared on Feb 20 ,2013 ... this P.S. Thingy...
    5 years ago
    Uhh Ric.. is uhmm :I
    Weird? Crazy? Mental? Loud? Annoying? Talkative? Overreacting? Screams like a girl? Possibly gay? Choose from all of those 9 words.... Choose.... IF YOU DARE! :p
    5 years ago
    Mental xD
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