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    This is my opinion but I don't think you should have ended like that maybe you should have got bella to chase after renesmay (soz if I spelt it wrong) Then once she gets to them she sees that Jacob is fighting the vampire chasing after them. She grabs her daughter and then the vampire kills Jacob and when he was about to charge bella kicks him in the throat and he dies in a instant. thanks
    How Breaking Dawn Should Have Ended
    How Breaking Dawn...
    This is for the Twilight Fanfic competition. This is how I think Breaking Dawn (last Twilight book) should have ended. If you have read it then you know there is a lot of build up to a fight and bam!...
  • faultinourstarsgirl
    If you like this tell me in the comments and I will write some more. Maybe a divergent or hunger games one. Just ask me to do one and I will do it. Thanks xx
    The fault in our stars how I thought it should end
    The fault in our...
    This is my alternate ending to the fault in our stars
  • faultinourstarsgirl
    Amazing and I love how you end like the book in the imperial affliction amazing work x
    The Fault In Our Hearts
    The Fault In Our...
    *The Fault In Our Stars Alternate Ending Competition. Rated Y for Death* As the days weave on, Hazel knows that Gus's are numbered. Hazel's story is rewritten, but this time it isn't okay.
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