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    mumbled "Part One «wrong way»"

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    -Louis. take back my cellphone crazy after it.
    Ngam happy to state: for example, what not to do.
    cellphone threw and threw it toward Harry and said, 'Come on Harry string.
    Harry and mischievously told by Gruesome M..
    I'm a proud eye: the Anika I was here.
    While the phone was thrown away Louis said annie could not do if I was not here.
    Louis was distracted.
    My phone was released. both of them a look me. I went to the handset, half in anger. Had
    spilled his guts outI was cut off from the Louis said Mr. Tomlinson Dad comes home at last. I went to the couch and sat down and tried to correct my cellphone.
    Louis tone proudly told me : do you think im afraid of dady .
    Indifferent said: Exactly.
    Harry pick up his bag from sofa and said Ammmmmm ......... something ..... I'm just going to have to go out night after class.
    Me: Yes welcome.
    Louis shouted Edward's cowardice.
    Harry also went out hurriedly.
    I went to my room even though Louis was cellphone picked up on the couch and start watching soccer.
    Now I dont now where is my mom.
    I picked up the phone to call to anika
    Me: helloooooooooo
    - vas hapennin .
    - I have to say that your brother's so stupid .
    - Uh-huh Speak Course
    - he is break my cellphone
    - Wait a minute.hey harry Christie say your so stupid.
    Harry's voice came from her side: he could tell her thanks
    anika: Did you hear what he said. I would not
    -I Do not Go Go bye
    Annie: bye bye
    At that key sound came out.im came down the stairs so fast.
    Louis mumbled: Many Chinese news Chris.
    I took a pay act: not Chris Christie
    and go near to my dad.
    The game got a little spoiled for her: Hi, my pretty dear.
    Dad: Hey, baby.
    - dady louis and harry broke my cellphone.
    Louis jumps in the middle: she has turned into a cellphone Nice talking with whom.
    Dad: Okay enough anymore. Lou was my second day at your phone.
    Louis said, but .... Oh.
    My dad said . are you undrestand .
    Louis shampoo threw down: aaaaaah ............ yes .
    I'd do it successfully.
    he said: Look, you win.
    Me: Were you skeptical???
    Louis: not at all.
    Guise, this episode was a bit pointless
    The appeal came after
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