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I love fast and furious!! And vin diesel my fave actor fast and furious 7 is the best movie eveeerr!!! ;D

  • fast&furiousxox
    you don't like me?
    3 years ago
    You r so bloody serious and u piss me of too with the stupid swearing and this all happened over a stupid book. And the 'love' thing was just a JOKE god u need to chill and seriously get a life!!! So dont f****** swear at me again cuz youre REALLY ticking me off!! Carry on with ur bloody books about RAP!!!!!!
    3 years ago
    i will swear at whoever i want i thought i told you never to talk to me again., so don't bother
    3 years ago
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    Hi guys, I'm the community manager on this site. I've taken a look at this conversation, and several other interactions you've had with eachother over the past few days. @[fast&furiousxox] Your 'opinion' should be kept to yourself unless you have something constructive to say. @[Penguinpopz] You have been extremely defensive and have not responded to this issue in an effective way. Both of you. Stop. Consider this your first warning. After the second you could be deleted. Keep your language clean and maybe don't interact with each other more than necessary unless you are prepared to be polite.

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