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*Runner up in Project Remix competition, Creative Writing category*

Hi! (Oh boy. I hate the top-enthusiastic start. Let's start again!)
Hey. (Damn, it sounds like I'm imitating a love interest in a YA novel. Redo!)
Hello. (And now I sound like Edward Cullen.)
Sigh. Since I never get introductions right, let's just get it finished quickly. I'm Farhana, now 17 years old, a lover of all things fandom-related and writing. Which is why I'm here!
Despite my profile claiming I've been a member of Movellas for a year, I still don't understand how to use it, so if you want to point out some tips to the newbie, feel free! (I'm getting kinda worried this is too long.) -_-
Any questions, want to generally rant, leave me a message! I'll always get back to you!
Also, open to book recs... Just throwin' that out there XD
#Sherlolly forever (If anyone has awesome fan art, show me! please!)
Much love,