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I am nice, kind, and forgiving. I love to watch anime, and read manga . . . I guess you could call me an otaku. I also like to read, write, and play video games. (Weird combination I know) Oh I also like swords (and other blades), dragons, animals, travelling, adventures, and other things you will find out by reading some of my fan fiction books. Oh, I dislike math, spiders, and very high heights. I hope you enjoy my fan fiction books as well as fiction :) and please send me feedback that would help a lot. And you guys just call me Shinsetsu-chan :)

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    I recommend reading this while listening to "Safe and Sound" the nightcore version
    A Tale of Demons and Wolves
    A Tale of Demons...
    An epic poem in the works, one about the struggle of a half-breed to save the one he loves and take his vengeance on the beast that hurt her. It's roughly written, and certainly not finished. So bear with...
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    mumbled "\(^o^)/"

    I just finished writing the first chapter of Twisted ^^ inspired by "Hunter x Hunter" (anime) "Naruto" (anime) "Make a Move" (song) "My Demons" (song). Btw that is the pic for the cover.
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    mumbled "Why!?"

    So I have been a member for 3 days I think and *deep breath* . . . HOW COME THERE ISN'T ANY NATSU X READER AND KILLUA X READERS!!! Okay there's that and I am like . . . how do I put it? Ummm... it's like I had A LOT of sugar. But I didn't . . . I don't think.
    Aurora Of Fairy Tail
    Natsu x reader? You should it if no one has.
    Rose445 Yeah I know it's just that I haven't seen every episode of Fairy Tail or Hunter x Hunter yet so when I finish them then I will :)
    Aurora Of Fairy Tail
    Oh ok. :) :)
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