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~When Ashton says tadpoles are baby turtles~

  • Fallon_Clifford
    Omg I'm so sorry. I never posted the one shot. The app kept closing on me. I'll get it right up. Thanks for reminding me even though I'm very overdue.
    1 years ago
    I posted your one-shot finally! I hope you like it, sorry it took half a century to make it.
  • Fallon_Clifford
    I just got a new phone and my little sister took my SD card and dropped it in the toilet, so everything got deleted. I'm drying it out in hopes that it will work.
    2 years ago
    If I can't recover it by Friday I will make sure to write everything I remember again and tell you I've posted it. Thank you for waiting for my irrelevant self.
    no problem!
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