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My favorite thing about myself has to be my music taste. Or my teeth. Alternative and straight..


Here's a list of facts about moi:
1. I'm an Asian girl in Oklahoma.
2. I love tea.
3. I love Jesus.
4. Merlin is my favorite BBC show.
5. My future last name is Miller. Or Hadley. I don't even know.
6. Although I like Alternative the best, I consider myself to be well-rounded.
7. You guys, I'm in love with Once Upon a Time's Peter Pan.
8. I'm so good at flirting, I could flirt to a pan, and it would work so well that I'd have dinner with it later.
9. PH kid
10. I kinda wish I was Baptist.

"I want someone provocative and talkative, but it's so hard when you're shallow as a shower."
-Cute is What We Aim For

"You're my song, my sweet home Alabama, I could sing you all night long."
-A Rocket to the Moon

"But then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like I love you."
-Michael Buble

"I know the way I wanna be, but I’m trapped in who I am. The only thing that holds me back is believing that I need a change."
-We Are the In Crowd

*I also have a Wattpad account.

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