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16 years old, I love one direction!!!!!! The thing I want most in life is true love, I don't have that right now so I write about it!!!

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    Smile, You're On Camera
    Smile, You're On...
    Amelia Ferguson is a famous singer from America. She has an amazing life, the money, the fans, the fame. But when a nasty conversation between her and an ex found it's way into the media's hands, Amelia...
  • FaithY_lovez_1D
    I love it write another one please!!!!
    Time for Revenge
    Time for Revenge
    My name is Alyssa and I'm 17,my ex bestfriend stole my boyfriend the Harry Styles she knew all my secrets when she became popular she them to everyone I eventually became mute.But now it's time for my...
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