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  • fabbywritergal
    Well done Erin! Your short story is excellent, and reads as if it has been written by a pretty mature writer.

    Other people have commented on the very few small typos / grammatical corrections required, but these are easily fixed.

    Your story flows well, with good pace and a real sense of urgency instilled. You also succeed in quickly establishing your main character, plus the secondary characters.

    Your readers – that’s us ! - feel as if we know them already: and that’s no mean feat, considering you only had a couple of hundred words in which to do this. Keep writing – we all need to keep at it – you’ve got real talent!
    Megan is part of The Pack. Not just a pack, The Pack. The Pack are the most feared werewolf pack around. They have the best hunters, protectors and alpha in the world but if you slip up, even a tiny bit,...
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