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I am a long time Information Technology Major, and a former Navy Protected Veteran but I have a strong love and passion for writing, also an avid reader with a very large collection of books. I have many influences through the years (Pro Authors) and those influences have kept me writing and strong in literature for over 20 years. I have completed over fifty short stories, three novellas, two serials to my credit and dozens of articles. Most of my writing began for the High School and College Newspapers. It was a hobby at first but the fun and passion started in college where I found a small following of fans who believed in me...

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    mumbled "Destination Starlight"

    Has been Temporarily removed... i discovered a whole portion of the story isn't there... apparently when i recopied over and backed up that it restored an older copy... so i have to refinish it... no worries second time around it should be better. lol
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    mumbled "UGH There he is AGAIN! That Bieber Guy... "

    UGH That Bieber guy again!!! AAAGGGH! Every where I turn on Movellas there he is again... Book Covers, Stories, Fan Fic... Will it never end? America is being tortured by Bieber-ism because Can-EH-d-EH (Canada) doesn't even want him back! Eh.... Blah!!!! EH...

    Stamp out Bieber-ism!
    2 weeks ago
    OMG!!!! I thought you were being for real for a second.
    FA Nathaniel Miller USN
    just annoyed at seeing bieber everywhere... on this site... ugh... isn't that young and he's a no talent who i just can't stand... being old school too and older than these "Kids" he just isn't for us older folks.
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    No offense to anyone who is Italian... New Joisey is a tough state to visit... and any resemblance to anyone, living dead, mob, civilian, hitman, wiseguy, boss, etc is TOTALLY coincidental..
    The Night Before Christmas in Joisey
    The Night Before...
    This is humor poem of "Vito Claus", Santa's Italian Half Brother who helps put presents in New Joisey, because Santa is afraid to go there, He has fear of the Mob putting a Hit on him because they were...
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    Has a story, but its FAR from being finished. Redemptions and Second Chances... When it is ready I will let ya'll know... it wont be done until FAR after this comp, so i pass...

    Doesn't give love advice, or romance, if i knew anything about it, i'd be out making it rather than speaking about it...

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