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I am a long time Information Technology Major, and a former Navy Protected Veteran but I have a strong love and passion for writing, also an avid reader with a very large collection of books. I have many influences through the years (Pro Authors) and those influences have kept me writing and strong in literature for over 20 years. I have completed over fifty short stories, three novellas, two serials to my credit and dozens of articles. Most of my writing began for the High School and College Newspapers. It was a hobby at first but the fun and passion started in college where I found a small following of fans who believed in me...

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    mumbled "moved to Movellas permanently"

    You will be seeing more of me here now on a permanent basis, I am no longer with on a full time basis due to censorship by the staff. I do not believe in censorship in literature and neither will i participate in a group that does that. More stories will be posted here as a primary site. Keep an eye out there will be a few new ones pretty soon. Two new novellas, a prequel for Healing Starlight and its sequels and another novella using a non-fiction timeline but semi-fictional events, entitled Redemption and Second Chances. Heads up!
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    4 months ago
    Hope you like it here :)
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    mumbled "Update Healing Starlight"

    Updated Healing Starlight for Grammar and Added Obituary for Mimi Stewart (whom the story is dedicated) to celebrate her life and her passing 5+ years ago and for the reader to better understand A special lady, who was one of a kind.
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