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    This is good - write more!!
    We broke the Wall
    We broke the Wall
    They've kept us here for too long. It's time to break the wall. (Remodeled and Reborn...lolz :D )
  • F. Burns
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    Hey there, seems like we had almost the same idea for a story! At least the setting but I think it's interesting to see how different perspectives can come out of the same landscape.

    In particular, I really enjoyed the sense of danger in your story, the whole ringfenced idea - even after the nuclear war they are still trapped in a sense. You write well, I really got a feel for your characters and their motivations. For me I am not going to read anymore of this story until I have finished my own as I do not want to tread on your ideas by accident! I think it will be interesting to se e where we both end up with our stories - mine is Beyond the Wasteland btw

    Happy writing
    The wasteland I live in
    The wasteland I...
    I want to tell you my story, to show you the world after a nuclear war through my eyes, through my experiences. My name is Andrei Scott, and this is the first chapter in my life, that I want to share...
    6 years ago
    Hah well that is a rather funny coincidence!

    Thank you for your comment, makes me happy to hear! All of it.

    Tell you what, when you're done with your story, come tell me, and I'd gladly look at it! This whole "wasteland" and "post-apocalyptic" is most definitely my favorite "genre", so I'd like to read yours some time!

    And happy writing to you too!
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