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    mumbled "types of books i like"

    Hi readers(if there are any of you).
    I like to read all sorts of different books, i like fantasy, sci-fi, non-fiction, fiction, loads of stuff.
    writing books, on the other hand, i like a few different things- i like detective stuff, i'm into that at the moment, if you've read the only book i've started writing you'll see that it's about a detective in training. I will be writing another book, in fact i've started writing another book, i'm just not sure wether to puplish it or not. I hope you enjoy reeding my book, i haven't writtten a book in a while so it's probably not my best material.
    Just wanted to let you know. plus i wanted to write a blog because i've never written one before and i got exited when i saw you could. that sounds realy sad doesn't it. i'm going to stop writing now.
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