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Hellooo! Revamping my profile, 'cause it's been a while and I suppose I've changed. I know my writing sure has, but you're here to know about me,. Thouughhh, if you knew the real me, you'd probably exit this page slightly more afraid then you were, perhaps never okay again.... ahem. My name is Emily.. or... Emily please don't call me anything else. Abbreviations are fine, however... just not wrong ones. You know who I'm talking about.

I'm a loser, probably be Doctor Whoing for a while since the fandom has GRIPPED ME TIGHT and won't let me go... granted, I haven't tried.... but...
I enjoy reading and writing (duh) but also enjoy the actings and the practicings the swimmings.
But mostly tumblr.
Yeah... just tumblr.

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    Wooow it's really good!! I'm really excited to see what happens, the plot is perf and ahh it's just really brilliant! I liked this chapter especially, you know... drama references.
    AND YOU DID NOT JUST USE THE PRODUCTION AS A REFERENCE YOU EVIL GIRL. I was like, did she just quote the scene where she yells at me? And then I had to stop reading to laugh my head off.... oh you're the perfect Quince! Wait... since you mentioned us in the production which we're currently doing...... DOES THIS MEAN THIS TAKES PLACE IN THE FUTURE?
    Best not think about that too much....
    In The Eye Of The Storm
    In The Eye Of The...
    Fifteen. The turning point of my life. The day when I found out that I was not an Adams; I am Black. My name is Carrisa Black, eighteen years old, haunted by a man in the shadows, running through the...
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    mumbled "Finally!"

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    WHOO I actually wrote something guys I'm so happy! Uhh.... well... I'm not 100% sure if this is going to go as planned, but screw that I'm gonna write Lost and I'm gonna do it well-ish. Nyeyhehehe, it's my first actual original story which isn't an English project and I have an attachment to Ryx and Mint already. Oh poo I told you their names. Maybe I should just say SPOILERS for all these mumbles, because I'm going to be asking for opinions on where I should turn next in the story so yeah...
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    mumbled "Uninspired?"

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    Wow, I haven't been on here in ages! Anyways, you just randomly write stuff here right? So I woke up with a really cool storyline in my head. I'm like 'Yeah! I'm gonna write this and it's gonna be AWESOME!'..... and then about half an hour later I'm confused and want to change the storyline. Well, that's how it is right? So, I'm going to upload it at ONE point, just probably not now because my mind is pretty much half inspired and half uninspired.
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    Oh Nikita... this is great! Rank: Awesomesauce!
    My favourite thing to do is to eat! So i decided to write poems on food :) Dunno what I'd do without food, its everything to me :D
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