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Hey, I'm Le Fox, but you can call me Em cause, well, that is pretty much my name. :) I'm 15 and Scottish, and I love both writing and reading. I write mostly fantasy, however I'm also working on a romance story.

Check out:
We are the Damned (fantasy)
Forever Young (fantasy)
Lost to the Flames (fantasy)
All The Words for Red (romance)
Every Pretty Colour (fantasy)

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I'm Scottish. 'Sup.

My favourite books are the Harry Potter series, PJO series, One of Us Is Lying, Wolf by Wolf, and the Raven Cycle.
My favourite TV shows are Shadowhunters, Doctor Who, and Sherlock. (My favourite Doctor is Capaldi.)

"A little touch of lipstick never hurt no one."

Gotta get back to Hogwarts...

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World War One: Why Did it Happen?

by , Sunday July 9, 2017

World War One: arguably the darkest period in modern history, World War One has shaped the world we live in today. Battles raging in France killed over eleven million military personnel, while over seven million citizens died as a direct result of the war. We all know what happened, of course. But why?

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  • Le Fox
    1 weeks agoReply
    Name: Eilidh Niamh McDougal

    Age: 15

    Grade: Fifth Year, second last year of high school.

    Personality: Bubbly, kind, talkative to only her friends, kind of shy, sweet, prideful

    Race: White

    Gender: Female

    looks: Long curly, frizzy black hair, pale freckled skin, greyish blue wide eyes. Around average height, slim, wide lips, wide nose.

    sports: Netball, dance, badminton

    Hobbies: Dancing, singing, acting, reading, writing, drawing.

    grade point avg: Idk what that is, but like As?

    Specialty subject: Drama

    Other: None
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    Le Fox
    1 weeks ago
    Race: White Scottish/Irish
    Anne Onymous
    1 weeks ago
    thanks you!! the story will continue when 5 members have been reached! i appreciate your submission! please do spread this around! Thanks <3
    Anne Onymous
    1 weeks ago
    Oh and fifth year? In americ that makes you a sophomore :)
  • Le Fox
    2 weeks agoReply
    Agh this is so cute! Made my fucking day I swear to god! <3
    Of Fire and Ice
    Of Fire and Ice
    For the Movellas Inspired Fanfiction Competition. Based off Lost to the Flames.
  • Le Fox
    3 weeks agoReply
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    It's amazing, thank you so much! :) <3 <3
    Jem's tragically closed character drawing store!
    Jem's tragically...
    Here's where you come to get your characters drawn. Or, at least, it WAS, before stupid homework got in the way of my arty dreams. Anyway, this store is now on hiatus till my teachers calm the hell down....
    3 weeks ago
    Glad you like it! <3
  • Le Fox

    mumbled "Stay Safe"

    1 months agoReply
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    I'd like to be spreading some positivity right now, especially given the dangers of the hurricane in he US. Today's positivity is that my crush called me cute, and small a thing as that is, it's still pretty exciting.

    But, coming back to my previous point and the title of this mumble, Hurricane Harvey is said to come ashore in the US very soon. To anyone in danger areas, please please try and get to safety. If your local authority tells you to evacuate, please do so and keep safe. If you can't get out to safety, please do whatever you can to keep yourself safe where you are until the danger has passed.

    Sending my hope and love to anyone who is in or knows someone who is in a dangerous area. Xx

    - <3
  • Le Fox

    mumbled "A Positive day"

    1 months agoReply
    Today was my first full day back at school, and I have to say, it was pretty positive. Saw my drama teacher who I haven't seen in forever, and who just got married, as well as I had a massive giggle with my friends at lunch. All in all, I haven't been quite this happy in a while, possibly because I haven't seen my friends in a while.

    Anyone else back recently? How's it going? :) <3
    Hannah Malfoy
    1 months ago
    Today was my first day as well
    1 months ago
    Mine was last Thursday lol
    1 months ago
    starting in 2 weeks
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