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    Can I critique your writing? Yes? No? Too bad. I'm doing it anyway. To be honest, your writing sucks. You have a good idea but your chapters are far too short. A good chapter is at least 3,000 words. Anything shorter is kind if sad. Yes, I understand that these are novellas but that's no excuse for your extremely short chapters. Another thing: your grammar. What are you, ten years old? Prove me wrong and fix it. You have a decent storyline, but a lot to work on. Try your best. I'll be adding my story: Equinox on later. You'll see what a decent length with good grammar is. Use it as an example.
    Guardian Angel *Short Story*
    Guardian Angel *Sh...
    Zeke is a Guardian Angel who has to take care and protect Annika from danger
    3 years ago
    Thank you I will take your advice
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