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I like me a lot.

I don't fancy the idea of slitting me own wrist or drinking bleach, so instead, I read cringy fanfictions to torture m'self when I feel low.

  • jounzy
    2 years agoReply
    To be completely honest, a zombie apocalypse wouldn't last more than half a week - if it started in the United States or any other major first-world country.
    1. Advanced militia
    2. Zombies are practically brain-dead, thus, they couldn't use their brain.
    3. Motion wouldn't be quick - it'd be limited at the most. Either that or they couldn't move at all considering their brain couldn't control their balance.

    If you want to make a zombie apocalypse, it'd be more accurate to make it about a parasite that causes cannibalism in humans - not the undead coming back to life. As I said, the shit would be over in less than three days if that were the case.
    2 years ago
    Military would take care of that; for sure.
    If militia could fly their asses across the waters to fight for a war that has little to concern them, I'm sure they could go to another city. On top of that, just ten police officers and a few rounds is enough. And if you don't live in a major city, all you'd need then is a gun.

    Realistically, it's not hard to combat some immobile fuckers.

    I can't shoot. Unless COD counts.
    I could literally just take a metal pipe, a stick, or a knife and kill a good ten of them with no hassle. Biology denies possibility of the Undead being able to move. They're fucking /dead/--the name isn't fitting and it's highly oxymoronic.
    2 years ago
    In the UK our police don't carry guns and I don't even know where to get one, also I'm so weak so I stand zero chance of hand to hand combat with a zombie, also if the military came from abroad then they would help the cities first, mainly london. I'm definitely dead if it's any kind of zombie, even it's the undead ones, I live near a graveyard and there are a lot of graves in it. Also my house is about 80% windows so I have no chance.
    2 years ago
    I gave other options if you don't have a gun.
    The virus needs only one person, so start at the source.
    All you need is a knife.

    And it's unrealistic for a zombie to come out of a grave so that's a flopped argument. Science and religion reject it and only a few mentioned people managed to resurrect in the Bible. If you live next to a grave, you live next to one. Any sort of zombie-ish situation would have to start from a parasite--NOT some sort of reviving thing.

    You do have a chance.
    A sharp knife.
    Good day.
  • jounzy
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    People are saying that they cried. I don't even like One Direction, I just liked the name of the book. lmao
    *Winner of Movellas' Fanfiction Royale Competition* "How many nights does it take to count the stars?" | As the boys sit down and pen the final song for their album, they're asked to reflect back on the...
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