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Just a 12yr old who loves reading and writing x

  • Essex.Girl32
    OMG I love this story already!! Is the girl in the photo Ella? Sorry bout being stupid its just that it is 5 am and ive has No Sleep :D
    Unexpected Cinderella.
    Unexpected Cindere...
    -For The Competition: An Unexpected Adventure Story- Ella has always been a happy girl, living with her two younger sisters and mother. What happens when her mum falls deeply in love with a criminal? Read...
  • Essex.Girl32
    Hii This story is awesome so far I love it!! If you havent chose anyone for Louis, the answers are A,C,4(D) I think? Name is Elle Dark Blond hair up to my chest and blue eyes and if you chose moi (which I would be really grateful for ) and you need any info well im the only one who can tell ya really :P x Love this story so far!!
    Cyber Harry
    Cyber Harry
    *New And Improved Version Of Cyber Harry* Harry Styles, her bully. SecretGuy, the boy she was slowly falling in love with. But the thing is, She never expected them to be the same person.
  • Essex.Girl32
    When you realize everybook written is just a combonation of 26 letters
    I just blew your mind!
    I just blew your...
    Sayings that will blow your mind! *Explosion* MINDBLOWN
    5 years ago
    *Explosion* MINDBLOWN
  • Essex.Girl32
    When you can clearly see that someone has seen your message but they decide to ignore it!"
    When teacher blame the WHOLE class for something to people did!

    2 words....slow internet RAGE!

    When people say their ugly and theyre like the prettiest girl in the world aka Justin Beiber
    Rants/Things that piss me off!
    Rants/Things that...
    Things that piss me off and would make the world a better place if it would just dissapear! Leave your name and one of your rants/something that pisses you off and I might put it in the book:)
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