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  • Errol Chryst
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    I admit, you’re a pretty good writer, however, I do have a suggestion for you, you don’t have to use my suggestion if you don’t want to, but I’m still putting it out for you to see, try breaking some of your story(ies) up by making new paragraphs, it can seem a little scary to some readers to be met with a few full pages of text. If you break them up into “smaller bites” you’ll have more people reading your story(ies) in no-time-flat! ��
    Legend of the Wings of Fate: Airbound Princess
    Legend of the Wing...
    ---Book ONE of the Legend of the Wings of Fate Series--- Eris Stefanus. That's what I am called. Some say I'm a freak because of being the only white wolf in the whole clan. The rest of them had either...
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