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    mumbled "Christmas story about Jack and Holly"

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    Once upon a time there was a snowman Jack. It was lonely, but so it didn't seem to it because it had a mouse. He very much loved it. Once the mouse sees that to a snowman boringly and thinks: "Than to it to help". Long I thought, and at last, I thought up.
    She now ran to her familiar old woman. Yes the mouse was the familiar old woman who was a fairy. Everything so was because there was it in the Snow country – snow, ices and cold winds. Having come running to the old woman, the mouse knocked.
    - Ah, it you are a getter ours. Fish brought? – the old woman told.
    - No, isn't present is I am a mouse - a norushka.
    - And it you. You well enter.
    The mouse quickly ran in in the house, and the old woman asked:
    - That you brought to me in such late evening?
    - Yes here grandmother. My snowman started missing, is doesn't want. I don't know what to do. – The mouse answered it.
    The old woman thought and told:
    - You don't worry. I will take care of it. The main thing nothing the Snowman don't speak.
    - Well – the mouse told.
    - Go home, and put to it on a table a ball invitation, and I same will put to the Snowman on a table – the fairy told.
    Called the Snowman – Holl. It too was lonely, as the Snowman. It had only a hamster – the Idler. It was chubby and lazy. When the mouse came home, it put at once the invitation to a table. The snowman hardly decided to go on a ball, as well as Holl.
    There came day of a ball. At first Jack put on an old jacket and the wiped boots, but the mouse objected: - You that? ! You so will go on a ball? Give remove quicker and put on a suit! Jack murmured something and unwillingly put on a suit, Jack very much didn't love suits. And therefore in every possible way I tried to finish not to put on the Mouse it. But the mouse was persistent, and insisted on that that the snowman would put on it. Care on the contrary, very much I liked to put on beautiful dresses, it could flaunt for hours in front of the mirror.
    Shortly Jack and Holl left the cozy lodges, the snowman so didn't want to go on a ball that it, I sent from myself a suit, fortunately, under it there were its favourite clothes, and he went for a walk on the wood. While walked, he decided to remain here before the ball termination, and then it is simple to come home and to tell that well danced. So it also made, Holl after all decided to go on a ball, but was mistaken a footpath and came into the wood, the ball began for a long time, and neither Jack nor Holl there wasn't. Holl went on the wood in search of an exit, and casually faced Jack who escaped from the Squirrel from whom took away a nut.
    - What is your name? How you here brought? – Jack asked.
    - Holl. I went on a ball, but got lost, and you as here got?
    - The mouse sent me to a ball, I decided to go, but on the way I changed the mind. Here also remained here, I will wait for the ball termination.
    So Holl and Jack sat and talked very long, the ball ended for a long time, and all of them still sat on a log and told ridiculous stories each other.
    The mouse all got agitated and went on Jack's searches. When it found it with Holl, all of them told it. The mouse smiled and called in a warm lodge. There the snowman told that loves Holl, and she answered the same. Became Jack and Holl and to live together with a mouse, long years together. And no ball was necessary to them.
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