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So first I want to say I am one of Nightcloud's bestest friends. I am an anime addicted marching band member who does nothing but read,write,draw,watch anime...well unless it is marching season then I live in the band room. I share this account with Nightcloud.

Night: He is making me do it...

Night: Ask about me and I shall answer your question as soon as I can. You can ask literally anything and I will not have a problem answering.

Night: This is where we differ. I don't care what you ask so long as it is appropriate.

Night and Alan: BYE!!!
Eric's Alan: Fly away and be free
Nightcloud: My lovelies be free
Eric's Alan: Wow you really are crazy...
Nightcloud: Only on our account ^_^
Night and Alan: GOODBYE MY FRIENDS!!!!!!!

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