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Im going to take a shot at writing my own fan fictions. All in my Head is my first one. Please check it out. I would love some help to on it.

Erica xx

  • ericalynn
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    Please update soon! I LOVE it! xx
    First Time Last Time
    First Time Last...
    Taylor is the new girl in town. She recently moved with her family to Holmes Chapel in the United Kingdom. She hated the thought of moving. One guy changed her life, and that one guy is the school jock,...
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    Omg! No! Make her come back!!!
    Together Forever {Sequel to Last First Kiss}
    Together Forever...
    "How could you let this happen?" He practically screamed at me. "Me? This was your idea!" "My idea?" "Yes! You said everything would be fine and there would be no problems! And guess what Louis? There's...
  • ericalynn
    5 years agoReply
    UPDATE please!!!
    Remembering Her
    Remembering Her
    **sequel to Saved By Louis Tomlinson read that first*** As far as Louis knows he's with Eleanor Calder. Alex sticks around as Louis' best friend. Will he ever remember? Will the guilt kill Liam slowly?...
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    (Nialls princess contest) dirty blonde hair with blue eyes. I want to be nialls princess because i am a major Niall girl and i love him so much! (My name is Erica by the way)
    Coincidental love
    Coincidental love
    Jade and Zara are two best friends.They are both 19 years old and love One Direction.Until one day they unexpectedly run into the biggest boy band ever One direction.Will they fall in love?Will there be...
  • ericalynn
    5 years agoReply
    Update soon! I LOVE it!
    Adopted (1D FanFic)
    Adopted (1D FanFic...
    Alexa (Lex/Lexi) has been in the orphange for round about 5 years now. She's 14. When she finds out she's getting adopted, she's happy, nervous, scared, but what happens when it turns out it's One Direction...
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