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just a lil bitch being dirty����

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    I'm sh0oK in a good way :)
    Grace is dead. In her new life... well technically death, Grace is working for D.E.A.T.H, a secret society run by dead people. Their goal is to help people who are still alive. Grace doesn't have any memories...
    2 days ago
    Aw thank you so much!!!
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    hey y'all
    so I'll be driving to Edmonton next week starting on Sunday
    so that means I'll be writing!!
    bc I rlly have nothing to do when we're driving for a million hours
    I'm staying at my cousins house for the whole time I'm there
    Monday morning we're going to west ed
    Thursday we have hip hop (oml I feel like imma be the oldest there����)
    and on Saturday we'll be home :)
    so that's almost a whole week of writing while driving ;)
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    mumbled "Quitting"

    Guys I'm way too busy and I've decided that I'm quitting :( if you want this acc well GUESS WHAT UR NOT GONNA FU****G GET IT BC LOOK AT MY USERNAME! but anyways, I'm sorry for all the ppl who somehow loved my acc. I love you all, Ari.
    1 weeks ago
    Sorry to hear you're leaving :(
    1 weeks ago
    tbh I'm pretty sad too but maybe when school comes I'll be on more :)) yeey!!
  • that.one.bitch
    YEH THAT'S RIGHT I'M BACK!! Recently I've been inactive and I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORREH for that!! But it IS summer break and I sleep in until like..idk maybe 2:00����but ya and so I'm taking a break on my books for another week becaush I don't rlly know what to write so SUGGESTIONS PLEZ!! k bye
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