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♪ My real name isn't Enya Sanders, that's a start. My initials are the same, though. Enya is just my pen name ^_^. I guess you could say I'm a lot of things, butttt I'll let you make your opinion of me as you possibly get to know me better! ♪

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    I'm really honoured that this has hit the recommended list! I wrote it with the intention of delivering a message, so I'm glad that's able to be spread :). I am studying for exams at the moment, however honestly I will try and update at some point if people would like that!
    “Come on darling. Show me. I'm the only thing you've got...”
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    mumbled "9pm Emotional Time "

    So my uni offers have been coming in this week, and it's been kind of crazy. I'm applying for Journalism! And my love of writing definitely evolved from joining this website. It's been about three years since I've been here, and this site has had ups and downs, but what a family everyone is. I just wanted to thank you all and please keep writing!
    1 years ago
    i'm doing creative writing :)
    Uncle Ves
    1 years ago
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    Grats Enya, I know you'll do well :-)
    Skye S
    1 years ago
    Congrats - and good luck choosing which one! Sounds like good news either way :-)
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