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♪ My real name isn't Enya Sanders, that's a start. My initials are the same, though. Enya is just my pen name ^_^. I guess you could say I'm a lot of things, butttt I'll let you make your opinion of me as you possibly get to know me better! ♪

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  • Enya Sanders☕️
    Wow, I am seriously impressed with this story! The writing techniques are on point, as well as the standard grammatical features :). I'd like to see 'News' fleshed out a bit more, but other than that can't really fault too much, so fab work!
    The Thief
    The Thief
    The story of a girl living in ancient Mesopotamia under the rule of the legendary Gilgamesh.
  • Enya Sanders☕️
    Hi, I think you have a good story here so far :). Your grammar and spelling are sound (which is always useful!) and your characters are nicely developed. I would maybe add some more description to what the character is doing during dialogue, but other than that great job, keep going! :)
    What is more important?
    What is more impor...
    Jenna, Kacey, and Carissa are the best of friends, they are inseparable. Jenna had Harry, Kacey had Niall, and Carissa had Zayn, but when the three girls start to fall for different guys, their friendship...
  • Enya Sanders☕️
    Hey, I think you've got a good start here :). The prologue definitely works, as the theme of the story is evident and as you said, we are introduced to your characters :). Improvement wise, maybe paragraph your speech so it's not as confusing to read? Interesting start though, keep updating! :D
    Lovely day lovely life
    Lovely day lovely...
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