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♪ My real name isn't Enya Sanders, that's a start. My initials are the same, though. Enya is just my pen name ^_^. I guess you could say I'm a lot of things, butttt I'll let you make your opinion of me as you possibly get to know me better! ♪

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  • Lia is a zebra ◕‿ ◕

    mumbled "sooooo"

    I was tagged by @[Enya Sanders☕️] (thanks for that :P)

    1) I have felt like that before (only in rare circumstances) but I instantly regret it as soon as I feel such an emotion; I shouldn't be so mean.

    2) 1 (I love the dark ahh)

    3) Umm... I've never really thought about this. I guess, uh, a cannibal?

    4) schadenfreude

    5) I guess I'd want to be a potato tree because they don't exist, so I'd be defying the laws of the world's creation and everyone would want to come to the sacred potato tree.

    6) I don't look in mirrors.

    7) I'm wearing a black, long-sleeved top with a cat on it that's saying "leave me alone, I've been out all night."

    8) I don't really like labels but, uh, I guess a person?

    9) Dark rooms are irritating to read in. Bright rooms are irritating to sleep in. Depends what context.

    10) I was in my bed, trying to go to sleep, but not being able to because my brother was yelling.

    11) Six. I have really fond memories of year one.

    12) I think my mum, probably.

    13) I don't like to have enemies.

    14) It's actually the default one because I haven't been bothered to change it yet xD Tthe default one is a girl walking through long grass and there's awesome sun photography. It's actually not a bad default.

    15) I like lots of people as friends. I don't like anyone in any other ways.

    16) Sailing - Rod Stewart. My aunt was on a phone call to my dad earlier and I waved at the phone and my dad told her and then she suggested I go listen to that for whatever reason.

    17) A very angry person. It'll make them cool again.... Though they might be a little.. broken?

    18) A lot of people tbh but probably myself the most.

    19) My brother, of course. I'd make him do everything. No boundaries to what I tell him to do... hehe...

    20) uh, I guess my eyes, because they're like mainly blue but then they have hints of my mum's green in them and they're sort of cool.

    21) I guess I'd love to be taller. That'd be cool. And have muscles. ;) I'd test out all the things typical guy jerks do because I want to know the psychology behind why they do that.

    22) Not really... I'm boring xD

    23) Escalators.

    24) Peanut butter + humus

    25) Donate it to a charity like wwf or a smaller organisation that caters for the needs of other animals :)

    I tag @[Tomato.] @[Rockie DeC] and @[Alice♫] :) :) :)
  • Enya Sanders☕️

    mumbled "Another Tag!"


    Thanks for the tag @[C.H. Potter] :)

    1) Nah, I would be nothing without other people, so
    2) 1 (not at allll)
    3) My future self
    4) Tepidophobia (fear of a badly made cup of tea)
    5) Apple tree
    6) 'Ugh I need to change' (which was wise, considering the heat wave)
    7) Blue tank top
    8) A free spirit
    9) Bright
    10) Sleeping! (Party animaaaal)
    11) 14, I was so innocent and happy haha
    12) My little sister, I think?
    13) Myself, in a way
    14) Tablet, but a purple galaxy thing
    15) I'm not sure, I'll let you know in a week!
    16) On Another Planet- Idlewild
    17) *takes out list*
    18) *takes out second list*
    19) Erm, Roddy Woomble, I'd just make him play music for me all day
    20) Legs, I guess?
    21) Well...let's just say I'd be a very good looking player
    22) I'm a fabulous over-thinker, but aren't we all?
    23) Badly made tea! But there's a term for that, so nothing unique
    24) Feta cheese, pesto, baguette, Heaven
    25) Some clothes, makeup, etc (does bug me what a girl I am XD)

    I nominaaaate: @[J.K. Panesar], @[Lia is a zebra ◕‿ ◕] and @[Uncle Mitchy Kay☕]!
  • C.H. Potter

    mumbled "Another Tag..."


    Thanks for tagging meh @[· AldrinHD ·] XD

    1. No...
    2. Zilch. Why should we be scared by something that doesn't even harm us?
    3. Ed Miliband... Don't get me started.
    4. "PLUNGE" << People who watch the TV show 'Miranda' should know this. XD
    5. Poplar tree!!!! (because they grow in the Underworld in Percy Jackson!)
    6. "I have to get my act together."
    7. Grey, blue and pink checked shirt.
    8. An OMSF... (Obsessed Matt Smith Fangirl) XD
    9. Dark.
    10. Replying to @[· AldrinHD ·]
    11. FOURTEEN (It changes every year! :P)
    12. James (my brother) <3
    13. (A certain person that I could assassinate. :()
    15. Fe- Fe- ...No, I don't want to say his name.
    16. It's Time by Imagine Dragons
    17. That person mentioned in question 13.
    18. That person mentioned in question 13 & 17.
    19. That person mentioned in question 13, 17 & 18. I don't know what I'd make them do.
    20. I don't have one...
    21. Hmm, I'd rather not answer that one.
    22. I am not special in any way and so I do not have a secret talent. END OF.
    23. I would say I'm afraid of pain. I get it all the time, more emotionally than anything else, but I'm still scared of it.
    24. PEANUT BUTTER AND JAM (Luke Castellan's favourite!)
    25. MORE BOOKS!!!

    Sorry if you've already been tagged...
    @[dramaticllama Nightshade]
    @[Enya Sanders☕️]
    @[John Bryan]

    - Christina
    John Bryan
    5 days ago
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    I hadn't been tagged yet, so I will do this shortly.
  • Enya Sanders☕️
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    Hey, you've got an interesting diary piece here :D would be great to see you restart it, to complete your goal!
    Diary of a girl with. Broken heart
    Diary of a girl...
    I'm going to try to update this everyday for a year, you guys can follow my daily life and in a year I can look back at the person I was when I started writing and see the proces I have made :)
    1 weeks ago
    Hi, thanks. I didn't feel like anyone was reading it and quite a lot of things had happend the past few weeks so yeah. Yk. Let me all write them down rn :)
    Enya Sanders☕️
    Oh right, well I look forward to reading them :D
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