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♪ My real name isn't Enya Sanders, that's a start. My initials are the same, though. Enya is just my pen name ^_^. I guess you could say I'm a lot of things, butttt I'll let you make your opinion of me as you possibly get to know me better! ♪

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  • Chloe_123_x
    17 hours agoReply
    Ahh I love nominating people :D

    Best overall movella:
    A collection of odd socksThoughts and boredom whilst walking the dogs.
    by @[Yellowsocks]

    Best diary movella:
    The Time I Went To School And Had...This story lasts exactly 23 hours and 47 minutes and approximately 15 seconds.
    by @[Emma Bird] and
    Prodigy's Life in Vague, Enigmatic,...This diary does not (entirely) reflect my life, but perhaps my sole purpose of living: to have you leave more confused than you came in. Everything within...
    by @[Prodigy]

    Best poetry movella:
    Enough.Short poem against depression, self-harm, anorexia...the like. If you fit any of these, get help from somebody you trust - please.
    by @[Prodigy]

    Best realism movella:
    Hannah's HeartIn the end, her heart was the strongest of all.
    by @[ River_Summers ☕️]

    Best paranormal and supernatural movella:
    Me, onlineI’d heard all those internet safety talks...but what do you do when your name and picture have been stolen, without you even putting them online in the...
    by @[Emma Bird]

    Best romance movella:
    A Tomato's Love StoryA tomato and a boy.....will their love strive......or perish,??!?
    by @[frog meme] @[Call Me Satan]

    Best science fiction movella:
    RegisteredThe boy is a Registered Gay. The girl is not. **For the Project Remix Competition. Inspired by Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman. Cover made...
    by @[Mirlotta]

    Best profile picture: @[Yellowsocks]
    Funniest movellian: @[Sam H-B] @[Call Me Satan]
    Best bio: @[Lia is a zebra ◕‿ ◕] @[JustAsSaneAsLunaWordsmith]
    Kindest movellian: @[TiaElise ] @[Tomato.] @[Mirlotta] @[Prodigy] @[Raven711] @[Sam H-B] @[Call Me Satan]
    Best ambassador: @[Enya Sanders☕️] @[Lia is a zebra ◕‿ ◕] @[Alice♫] @[May Hayashi]
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    The Besties
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    16 hours ago
    I considered choosing a serious one but then I remembered the tomato thing xD
    6 hours ago
    Aw thank you :)
    1 hours ago
    Thanks <3

  • Enya Sanders☕️
    Hi, welcome :D. We have a huge 5SOS section here, so I'm sure you'll have plenty of reading material (judging from your username, though of course you're welcome to browse the other sections too XD). Don't be afraid to ask myself, the other ambassadors (we have lil stars) or anyone if you have any questions :)

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