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♪ My real name isn't Enya Sanders, that's a start. My initials are the same, though. Enya is just my pen name ^_^. I guess you could say I'm a lot of things, butttt I'll let you make your opinion of me as you possibly get to know me better! ♪

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  • Enya Sanders☕️

    mumbled "Trololol"

    Hey guys,

    I know I'm not much on nowadays (largely because of A-Levels and personal stuff), but I do creep around a bit XD. So I've been noticing that someone has been trolling. I think it's great that you guys are supportive and defensive of the guy, shows what a community we are, but why would they target that person? Wouldn't it make more sense to troll someone more popular, out of jealousy? No motive with this person.

    (Just seen too many similar cases of this on here, trust me)
    Enya Sanders☕️
    12 hours ago
    Ah I only saw the second troll, mind me asking which user got trolled the first time?
    Superior Queen Slayoncé
    Queen Ashie was trolled by her. I don't know if you want me to tag her or not
    Enya Sanders☕️
    12 hours ago
    Haha no, it's okay :). Personally, I'd troll @[A Chemical Reaction.] if I was trying to get myself as troll recognised XD. Just food for thought really :)

  • Enya Sanders☕️
    Oh god, I kinda gave up with Nano because A-Levels, but good luck to you guys, hope more reach the finish line :). Did it last year, so know it's rewarding!
    The Epic NaNoWriMo Race 2014
    The Epic NaNoWriMo...
    Ladies and gentlemen, roll up and witness the most extreme race known to the writing world. That's right! NaNoWriMo! But who'll be first to the finish line? Only time will tell.
  • Aunt Midnight Rogue ☕️☩

    mumbled "Jumping on the bandwagon! (Stealing Deliliah's title...)"

    Reposting from @[GeorgiaT]

    I can't pick favourites... I just can't, it's like a failing I have. Can't pick favourite colours, favourite animals, not unless you like separate categories for me XD Like 'Favourite primary colour' or 'Favourite mythological animal (even then you'd have to separate the different mythologies for me)'. You can imagine what my teachers had to go through. So i'mma categories.

    Favourite people:
    @[Kyle J Durrant]
    @[Lucifer's Kiss]
    @[Enya Sanders☕️]
    @[Ahlaam Nightshade]
    @[A Child of the Madness]

    My favourite writers:
    @[Skyler Jensen]
    @[Lia is a cookie]

    Favourite family members:
    @[Crown of Shadownight]
    @[· Aldrin Shadownight ·]
    @[Kennedy Shadownight ]
    @[Shadows That Haunt You]
    @[Bex Shadownight]
    I wish I could put Thomas here XD

    @[D.B. Fairless]
    @[R K Guron]

    @[Molly Looby]
    Molly Looby
    5 days ago
    Oh no, what have you done to her?
    Aunt Midnight Rogue ☕️☩
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    You'll see...
    A Child of the Madness
    I'm a favorite person to someone? *Hides in the shadows to hide blush* Oh well...er, thanks.
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