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So my name is Carolina, but you can call me Coco.
My friends started calling me that 'cause I used to wear a coconut perfume haha.

I'm 14 years old. My birthday is on May 12th.
You better say Happy Birthday or I'll be sad :c
Haha just kidding. I'll still love you:)

And I'm from Mexico. Yeah baby, I'm a latin girl and Justin Bieber loves me... okay scratch that last part.

Don't be afraid to comment on my stories. Tell me if I'm doing something wrong. I'll really appreciate it.
Also share your own stories with me. I LOVE reading them.

Xoxo (:

  • endlesstacos
    omg i loved it. i wasn't expecting that haha
    Coming Home
    Coming Home
    *For the Two Weeks In Panem Competition!* This is just a short Headcanon of Foxface's Death, from her own point of view.
  • endlesstacos
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    You have seriously just became my role model. This made me want to keep writing and writing till Im the best. Thank you. God bless you hun.
    Pick Up Your Pen!
    Pick Up Your Pen!
    For the 'Reviewing 2012' competition: My Year of Scribbles. 999 words
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