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Twilights' Graphic Tutorials

by , Thursday October 12, 2017
 Twilights' Graphic Tutorials

​Hello! You wanna learn how to improve your graphics? Well this is the perfect blog for you :) In these blogs I'll teach you how to improve your graphics and also some nifty little effects. I'll try my best to post these blogs  whenever I have the writing time and insporation. 

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  • twiIight
    3 weeks agoReply
    just a thing I forgot to add about Chelsea- she'll sometimes cosplay and wear her costumes around school when she doesn't care (although not too wild and weird, they usually look like regular clothes but still recognizable if they know the character)
    Movellas Academy (Interactive)
    Movellas Academy...
    Welcome to Movellas academy! An academic school full of drama, love, and mysteries! Everyone can be featured!
    3 weeks ago
    usually stuff like
    Anne Onymous
    3 weeks ago
  • twiIight

    mumbled "WIP Vector :D"

    1 months agoReply
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    I'm working on a birthday present vector and it's already looking fab
    Car ☆
    1 months ago
    this looks so cool! I don't know if your end intentions are a minimalistic design, but that's how it looks now, and it's great.
  • twiIight

    mumbled "I want death whoo"

    1 months agoReply

    Yesterday I finished most of my first EVER shaded vector. I have yet to shade her hair and add her pigtails but I FINALLY have it done. I might actually show this to YandereDev when I finish it :o
  • twiIight

    mumbled "Made a wallpaper pack"

    1 months agoReply

    I made a Yandere Simulator wallpaper pack :D
    All the wallpapers were designed by me, and are 1366x768 but they can be resized. There's two versions of each wallpaper, one with and one without an object. If any of you want to download it the link is https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tawVBDl..

    I hope y'all like it :)
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