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    mumbled "Graphic Website in Progress :D"

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    I am super duper excited right now because my graphic website is currently underway and I am super excited for when I finally launch it. Hopefully I can branch it out to more then just a hub for my requests and examples and possibly start doing tutorials and posting resources on there <3
    But anyway, I am sUPER hyped for this website to finally be complete. I've even learnt how to code and design threads in HTML so that I could do fake requests for those :P
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    mumbled "Line Break Issues"

    1 weeks agoReply
    So, I published my poetry novella "The Red Scarf" but all the line breaks are gone. How do I fix the issue? Do I need to double space, put in </br> between the lines?
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    OKAY this is really random but 1. what do you use to draw and 2. how do you draw such nice looking hair (like the kinda curly hair of that girl on the bloodsuckers cover)

    EDIT : also you should really make an art tutorial book because your art is goREGEOUS and people like me are totally hopeless
    Jem's character drawing store!
    Jem's character...
    Would you like me to draw one or more of your characters? A scene from one of your books, maybe? Whatever you want drawn, and however you'd like it drawn, I'll do it for absolutely no fee! (I just like...
    1 weeks ago
    Hiya! I draw with coloured pencils, outlining with fineliner (or biro if I'm feeling lazy). I couldn't give you a brand or anything like those fancy people on art tutorials, because I inherited all my nana's stuff and use this massive basket full of all the randomest pencils. Also, I have no idea how to respond to lovely compliments like this, because all I can say is I'm so obsessed with drawing that I do it all the time and sort of improve as a by-product. I've got a lot of compliments on my drawing hair and it's literally just a case of shading stripes, I swear! (Bloodsuckers cover was a fluke.)
    Thank you for your comment! It made my day :)
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    I always though his face was numb because she injects him with that gum numbing crap from dentists and he loves it bc he doesn't feel her slapping him xD
    Musical Autopsy
    Musical Autopsy
    In this movella, I will strip a song down to its core and try to decipher its inner meaning, if it has one, and what is wrong with it. Song suggestions welcome. *Update - I only do songs that made one...
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