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Well, um.. Hi, I'm Violet Roses. The reason I joined Movellas a while ago was because I really love writing.
Writing gives me the opportunity to change reality and create my own world. To create my own characters, my own heroes, and my own reality. It sounds kinda weird—I know—but I believe that writing really has the power to change lives.
Anyway, my own weird thoughts aside, let me tell you a bit about myself.
My fandoms (seeing as fandoms are a pretty big thing around here) are the Adventure Time Fandom, Anime Fandom, Creepypasta Fandom, and a bit of the YouTuber Fandom.
My favorite colors are black, red, purple, and green.

Strange Quotes:

"Future future, present, past.
Who will arrive, first or last?" -Unknown

"ARE WE THE PREY? NO, WE ARE THE HUNTER!!!" -Attack on Titan

"I'm gonna take this potato chip, AND EAT IT!!" -Light Yagami, Death Note

"Don't worry, big guy! I won't hurt you! Cross my heart and hope to die!" -Hanji Zoe, Attack on Titan

"Do you know where the real Hell is? It's in here. In you're mind." -Crona, Soul Eater