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Things I'm obsessed with:
Alice in Wonderland
Young Justice
Harry Potter
Percy Jackson/ Heroes of Olympus
Black Butler
Maze Runner
Hunger Games
Five Nights at Freddy's

I love reading and writing, but want to be a psychiatrist when I'm older.

My pen name on Wattpad is TheItsMeCrew, so go check that out if you can because I update more on there.

  • Sugar Arellano
    Lumpin' update!
    A Book Come to Life- Adventure Time
    A Book Come to Lif...
    A book inspired to me by the show Adventure Time :) One day when Princess Bubblegum couldn't find a simple enough way to figure out her equation the Ice King kidnapped her. She found a mysterious book...
  • Sugar Arellano
    Will do...
    Movellas Super Awesome News Magazine
    Movellas Super Awe...
    Welcome to Movellas Super Awesome News Magazine! This the best place to get interesting and helpful information on Movellas. We will also have amazing Co-Authors to report great gossipy news! This magazine...
  • Sugar Arellano
    It's great book, you should post more soon.
    Black Maid; Kuromeido [Fanfiction Black Butler]
    Black Maid; Kurome...
    **READ**"Just let me go!" Ciela,a 10 year old girl, screamed. "Shut your damn mouth,child!" The stranger said,putting Ciela down. She was about to run but she was tied up on a chair. "He-" Before she could...
  • Sugar Arellano
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    XD This is soooo funny! Keep it up!
    Amy Stark has never, ever met the Avengers, OR their kids. Then, suddenly, she's forced to stay in New York the ENTIRE year. She has to leave her friends, and the warm weather in Malibu for a school...
    Beckiboo Rand
    3 years ago
    Thanks! Will do!
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