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My very first time on Movella.

As Wordsworth had put it,
"To begin, begin."


  • Emmaline Rees
    A nice twist with merging two different stories into one.
    Short but simple, bursting with backstories.
    Good job!

    If you have the time, please read my short story Fragmented. Likes and comments are appreciated.
    Safe And Sound
    Safe And Sound
    This story is about The Hunger Games with 1D in it, but I added One Direction in it (and they aren't famous). Also, Harry is dating a girl named Avril while Liam has Danielle & Louis has Eleanor. Enjoy!!!!!!!...
  • Emmaline Rees
    Usually, I don't like the kind of crime thrillers that well, are too infused with blood and gore, because it's really hard to imagine. But your story is impeccably superb! I prefer watching gory dramas, but I really can't stop reading your story. Although after the end of Act One, I felt a bit guilty in enjoying something so violent.
    I sincerely believe that you have the talent to win the competition, your intrinsic elaborations paint a very grotesque and dark picture. I say this as the highest compliment of this genre, your story is much more gruesome than Criminal Minds (a very beloved show of mine).
    And I think you've got a little Patricia Cornwell thing going on, far darker than the writer has ever written, but maybe a little inspiration from her book, Red Mist. :)

    Superb! :D
    My Love is a Bloodied Red Rose
    My Love is a Blood...
    A dark, poetic evocation of the life and loves of a female serial killer. Death in a black designer dress, with razor tipped Louboutins. She'll kill you immediately, or if you are blessed, she'll take...
  • Emmaline Rees
    I love it! I just sank right into the story. I love how you gave the readers, well particularly me such an amazing picture of the war torn town. I'm more pulled towards stories with unique settings. I love Rhona's feisty character, your way with words have molded the perfect protagonist for your story. I would love to read more. :D

    If you have the time, please read my short story Fragmented. Likes and comments much appreciated. :)
    The Shades of Alabaster
    The Shades of Alab...
    FIFTEEN-YEAR-OLD Rhona Gustave’s mother has been keeping secrets, and it isn’t until two Eastonian mercenaries turn up in their small Leotian town that Rhona realizes just how deadly those secrets are....
  • Emmaline Rees
    Very intense, an amazing start to a story.
    It's like the perfect story for me, because I love action, drama stories.
    Your description is vivid, with just enough detail to pull a reader in. Awesome job! :D

    If you have the time, please read my short story, Fragmented. Likes and comments are much appreciated. :)
    Three years from now
    Three years from...
    "Three years from now" came about during a quiet day at college. Was stuck for six hours with nothing to do... I sat down at a computer and began to write: So here's the prolouge before chapter one comes...
  • Emmaline Rees
    This is a great beginning for a *I'm sensing* fabulous roller coaster of a story.
    Although I only have time for the first chapter, I can tell that you have a strong grasp of your story. Your pacing is superb, not too slow, not too fast, just enough details for a reader to enjoy. Well done. :)

    If you have the time, please read my short story Fragmented. Likes and comments are much appreciated! :D
    The only way is up.
    The only way is...
    This is my entry to the m-factor competition. Caitlin isn't like any other girl. She's living alone with her little sister Emma, who's trying hard to make her sister go back to the music, after the loss...
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