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For business inquiries, please contact me through email: emmaklove@live.com

I express myself through artistic statements and through my creations. Yeah, this sounds too professional, but you gotta make an impression, right?

Right now I'm focusing on 'This So-Called Life', a comedy story about Taylor Maxwell, who moves to Wilmington, North Carolina, and starts a whole new life.

I've put 'Dead Girls' on Hiatus since I've not felt like updating due to the extreme lack of feedback.

  • Emma SG
    3 years agoReply
    I'll begin writing Chapter 2 today! Expect it to be up next week as I'll go canoeing this weekend. :)
    This So-Called Life - Book 1: New Girl
    This So-Called Lif...
    When Taylor Maxwell and her mom moves to a new city, Wilmington, a surprise is hiding behind every corner. Taylor has to adjust to the whole new approach to life in her school. Taylor's mom, Alice, has...
  • Emma SG

    mumbled "Øje For Øje"

    3 years agoReply
    Hi guys!

    I'm finally ready to present my newest short story: Eye For An Eye. It will be published in Danish first, though. I'll translate to English soon so you guys can read as well.

    I really hope you'll enjoy this thriller. It was tough to write as I had to include elements, play with words, manipulate the reader and so forth.

    Without further ado: Here's the Danish version of Eye for an Eye.
  • Emma SG

    mumbled "A small change"

    3 years agoReply
    I've listened to you guys and I've put [SPOILER ALERT] in the title of the character introduction chapter. I hope you guys are enjoying my newest chapter, it was definitely fun to write. I can't wait to write more descriptive chapters, more awkward chapters, I just can't wait to continue writing.

  • Emma SG

    mumbled "'Chapter 0: New Life'"

    3 years agoReply
    If you're wondering why it's chapter 0, it's because I already wrote the Prologue and you can't exactly write two prologues, a proprologue. That'd be kiiiinda weird.

    I hope you enjoyed the story so far. I'm enjoying writing it. It's amazing how fun it is to come up with new characters, give them unique personalities (well, except Alex 'Cliche'.) and just control their life. As an author, you get to be the omnipotent person. It's like playing a game of Sims. I'm probably gonna end up killing everyone's favorite character, because that's what authors do.

    Have a great weekend!<3
  • Emma SG
    3 years agoReply
    Great cover! The only thing is that it is This So-Called Life. :)
    I love it, though!
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    3 years ago
    I'll change it later :) Sorry!
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