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Heyy you all Directioners out there :D Here are some awesomely delicious facts you should know and remember by heart ;)

-My name is Emilyn(gonna change it to Emma,we can change names,right?Age-mattering)
-I'm 14(STOP WITH WHAT'S GOING ON IN YOUR HEAD.Fucking hate people who underestimate the young.Oh,are you upset with my use of language?Good,I wasn't made to please you anyway)
-I love love love reading and writing.If my singing career doesn't work out-underestimating again,I know it-I plan to just sit down,write books and get a part time job at Starbucks,number one cafe ever.
-Music is my life.
-Food shares my love.
-I'm half Malaysian,half Australian(what?)
-All time instrument is the guitar.
-No,I will not reveal my soft spot among the boys.
-If 1D dies(that's right,IF),I'm gonna visit their graves as much as possible and sing and put every single merch and album there till I die.
-To my friends,I sound like a British,but that's ridiculous.
-Neon colours everywhereeee.
-Shopping?Not really my thing.But I'll go if you want to.
-Football should be called 'awesomest sport ever'.
-I'd sing my heart out.
-I write songs.
-Considering my age,not allowed to have a driving license but I REALLY WANT ONE.
-I was born in the wrong generation(not including 1D though).
-My pen name will be Emmaaa.

So that's all I can come up with for now,I'm going off to write some fanfics.Omygod autocorrect changed fanfics to fabrics.It should really be a word.

Byee,and I love youu :)

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