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I'm ginger, quite small and LOVE 1D <3 I'm 13 years old nearly 14. I live in Great Britain/England. I'm from Dorset in the South West. Strangely I was born with blond hair even though i'm ginger which is weird :p I love Harry Potter its my air and my life. I love writing to, although my spelling is terrible! DIRECTIONER AND PROUD!

Harry Potter bio:
House: Griffindor
Patronum: Phoenix
Wand:10 3/4 inch, Pear, pheonix feather, suprisingly swishy
Blood: Half Blood
Position in Quidditch: Chaser

My favorite movies are:
Harry Potter
Pitch perfect
Hunger games

My favorite singers are:
Ellie Goulding
Imagine Dragons
Christina Aguilera

My favorite authors: James Paterson and J.K Rowling

My Favorite words are: Shakalakaboomboom, SQUID and woucha.

My favorite colour is: GREEN!

Favorite 1D member: Liam Payne! <3

I' really random, and i get really hyper some times. DON'T THINK I'M MATURE!!! THAT' A WARNING!! When you get to know me more you will want to take me to an asylum.

You say Edward Cullen, I say Harry Potter.
You say red and black, I say red and gold.
You say Forks, I say Hogwarts.
You say Edward and Bella, I say Ron and Hermione.
You say Jacob Black, I say Sirius Black.
You say Volturi, I say Death Eaters.
Put this on your profile if you love Harry Potter!


█ 10% Weird
██ 20% Insane
███ 30% LOL
████ 40% Ninja
█████ 50% Fangirl
██████ 60% Cray cray
███████ 70% Hyper
████████ 80% Funny
█████████ 90% Unicorn
██████████ 100% DIRECTIONER!


Good bye my fellow followers! We shall meat again soon...... *poof*

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