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Umm-- not much to say I guess.... Just want to post my fanfics and I hope you like them!!! (^.^) I don't really always have a computer with me handy... So sometimes my fanfics might be a tad late, since my iPod keyboard is so frikin hard to use!.!. I'm open to any ideas for fanfics, and like to give shout outs to supporting fans!! Writing is my dream! I plan to use it as a career one day, but until than I love to write for myself!! Click the green "fan" button when you get a chance!!!

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    mumbled "Sorry I Haven't Updated...."

    I am so sorry for those who believe I haven't been updating fast enough. I just haven't had the time :( I will work on that, I promise!!!
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    mumbled "Yes, it's true.... :$"

    Well everyone who remembers me from my emily2299 account.... Back again just like I promised-- now what's this April Fools joke everyone said I pulled? So new fanfiction on this site called I'll Find You. Make sure to check it out right away-- one of my favorite fanfics yet!!
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