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  • emily91
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    I will never fail to be amused by the stupidity of people who think they can get away with plagiarism.

    Just because you state that the story isn't yours, and that nonsense wore it doesn't mean that it is okay to repost this story. You need express permission from the author to repost it and the fact is you haven't go it.

    If you do not understand the legalities behind posting the work of other people, then don't bother.

    Just remove the content because it will be beneficial for all.
    This is not my book. All credits go to nonsense! Meet Sutton Lark. She is one of four personal assistants to One Direction. With her constant need for sleep and nutella she finds herself in very odd situations....
  • emily91
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    Sorry, but I really don't understand why you are posting this here.
    As a reader of Sleepyhead, it is not your choice as to where it is posted so that it can be read. That is up to the author, Grace, to decide. You can either read it where she posts it, or you can move on.
    If Grace wanted it on Movellas, or any other site other than 1dff and her tumblr, then SHE would post it there.
    Also, I hope you know that just because you have given credit to Grace doesn't make this legal. You have to have express permission from Grace to post it, not just credit back to her and say you aren't claiming it as your own.
    If you followed Grace on tumblr you'd know that she doesn't want it anywhere other than where she has posted it and she doesn't give others permission to post Sleepyhead.
    So just do yourself a favour and remove the content.
    Sutton Lark has the worst timing in the entire world. Maybe spending her summer on tour as a personal assistant to the personal assistant to the hottest boy band in the UK might shape her up. But...
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