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    hey fans! I know I haven't updated in like MONTHS but I think now I will start being able to write again more often with better length and quality. The thing is, right now I am using my moms iPhone because i actually made this account of her phone and i don't remember the password to it and there are just other obnoxious things that make me able to not GET the password. SOOOOO, i am making another account which I would be actually consistent with the books.

    Thanks for being my fan!
    -Emily Stark
    Emily Stark
    4 years ago
    oh and so actually i havent made the account yet and i cant right now because its like Christmas so yeah and i cant right now so when I do, probably tomorrow, Im gonna make it and post the NEW account here.
  • Emily Stark
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    City Of Demons *Completed*
    City Of Demons *Co...
    Giselle thinks she is an normal teen, she doesn't believe in monsters or magic until.... she meets some strange teens who claim to be Shadowhunters. There job to protect this world and destroy all evil....
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