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  • Emily Krakowski
    This is awesome plez update.. And may I add a idea? I think since michael is ava's roommate you could try to flirt with him again before he gives you ava's phone back then he will think avas serious and yeah :D Just a idea and I love your little faces xD XD I use those faces all the time. I think this is a AWESOME book. Say it with me now AWESOME :D Gl on your book. <3
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    мy вaвyѕιттer ✗...
    ''Yeah.. So.. Let me hear your rules then'' I said folding my arms. ''Rules?''. ''Yeah... Every babysitter has rules''. ''Well I do have a to do list'' He said. ''What's on it?''. ''You''...
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    omds tysm this is the nicest and funniest comment ever! xD
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