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  • Emily Horan <3

    mumbled "new chapterrrrr!!!"

    Hey guys, I wrote a new chapter on my movella ''She's all that.''
    Sooo... please check it out and like and favorite it :)
    Bye Everyone xx
  • Emily Horan <3

    mumbled "new movella"

    Hey everyone, please check out my new movella, i want a LOT of people to read it!
    also please, favorite, and like the movella.

    Thanks, byeee xx
  • Emily Horan <3
    Sorry for the short chapter guys, but this is just the beginning!!
    Just wait, it will get better.

    Please Like/Favorite and share this movella, so more people can read it.
    thanks guys.
    love Emily.
    She's all that.
    She's all that.
    16 year old, Emily and Louise are two ordinary girls who live together in an apartment in London, England. They've been best friends since ever. First day of school, today Louise would come back from...
  • Emily Horan <3

    mumbled "Sooo sorry guys."

    Hey guys.
    I'm soooo sorry for not starting my story yet.
    School has been really busy for me.
    I will publish it in a week or 2/3.

    Love Emily.
    5 years ago
    I know what you mean, I still have 4 weeks of school left :( However one of those weeks is a week spent doing nothing basically and its the week of the show. but we still have to go for four more weeks.
    Emily Horan <3
    5 years ago
    Almost the same for me, I have had my last schoolweek already, but I still have an exam week so I really need to study for that. The week after that I have a work week of 30 hours and I need to finish that before the end of my schoolyear so.... kinda busy for me :(

    Good luck with your show and your last 4 weeks of school.
    Bye love :)
  • Emily Horan <3
    I have wavy blonde hair and blue/ green/ grey eyes
    one direction imagines!
    one direction imag...
    comment for an imagine and what kind of type, example, funny, sweet, etc i will try to get to your story as soon as possible this is my first movella so suggestions are needed! :)
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