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I love poetry and well written stories- Sylvia Plath is probably my favourite poet. Hoping to share some of work with you soon ;)

  • Emily English
    I just happened upon this by accident, mainly looking at poems (which are my favourite genre)...

    I read one or two other entries but this kind of stood out from the beginning,,, started reading and I've just re-read it again! Well done- this is an amazing piece!

    In the "Running Man" I felt I was with him, the language getting more frantic as his doom approached. But some of the similies and language you used has me in awe:

    "Realisation dawned on him as the sun was setting" and
    "He knew that as night descended in the forest, it fell swiftly like a guillotine"

    And then you rework the same idea, but tell it from the Cat's perspective in part two- I was laughing hard at some of this piece because of the cattiness of Amelia de Ville.

    The third part also was good telling how the man/boy left his family and set out on his journey.

    But the conclusion! Oh my! Oh my! I still have goosebumps! Iambic Pentameter? Rhyming scheme ABACBABC? Thank you for making my day!

    Now I'm off to read more poems and stories- thank you for this it really has made me think about entering my poem in the Big Poetry competition too!
    Dark Lane
    Dark Lane
    A dark tale told from several different perspectives...
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