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15 - aspiring author - lover of the ancient civilisations - scarily obsessed with Percy Jackson :3
I love meeting new people - so just talk to me :P

  • Emily, daughter of Hermes
    I don't know if the character selection is still up, but I'll do it anyway just incase:
    Emily Sykes
    15 (16 on 3rd December)
    Brown hair (goes down to her waist with slight curls at the end); deep brown eyes - almost black - with a slight blue tint to it (not a normal Hermes child); slim; tall; has lean muscles from her daily run and the fact that she does archery for most of the day
    percy and sara jackson book 1
    percy and sara jac...
    being a halfblood is dangerous. Especially when you're a child of the three gods
    Sara Jackson
    3 years ago
    thanks so much
     Dani - BF/DCD
    3 years ago
     Dani - BF/DCD
    3 years ago
    hey whats up
  • Emily, daughter of Hermes
    Woah. This is amazing. It deserved to win, by far.
    How the Hades do you write like this?
    Heroes of Olympus: Blood of Olympus Alternate Ending
    Heroes of Olympus:...
    This was pretty difficult to write in the word limit and I lost a lot of little details which I would have preferred to keep but I chose a more plot centered story than most and I'm sticking with it. Hope...
    Emily, daughter of Hermes
    Haha! So you don't eat anything that makes you Uncle Rick himself? Nothing to drink that will help you become one of the characters? :P
    I'm actually annoyed that some people's (like yours) didn't get anything. Some people deserved to win more than others, by far.
    Reece Mawhinney
    3 years ago
    Haha, no! :P
    Yeah, well, I can't really talk about mine without feeling a little arrogant if I did but I definitely thought that some of the others, particularly more story driven or darker themed entries were looked over and that does annoy me because I wish it had been made clear from the get go what the judges were looking for. Like I felt pretty disheartened to not win and so loads of other people must have as well. Think it's a bit cruel to base something off of personal taste when it was such a large prize and a lot of effort and talent shone through in so many other entries.
    Emily, daughter of Hermes
    Dam you! ;)
    Yes! I feel that some were cheesy (mine) and some were seriously original and WOW (yours)! I think that they really did overlook the best ones.
  • Emily, daughter of Hermes
    Hi, congratulations!

    I'm sorry, since this is the first time I've read your story (and commented on anything that you have written), but I was wondering if you could help me. I too entered the competition and I believe that I wasn't considered a runner up was because of my grammar and how I write (my mum says I write how I speak). I was wondering if you could give me advice on how to write and improve on anything.

    Congratulation again.
    Blood of Olympus alternate ending
    Blood of Olympus...
    This is my alternate ending to Blood of Olympus.
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