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I'm Mystalyn, for short I prefer Miss. I'm 12 years old. I really like to write, poetry, fan fiction and fiction. I love One Direction, Jake Shorts, The Vampz, Plain White T'Z. I really like z's instead of s'z. I'm weird and random. AND LOVE SMILEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi, I'm publishing a new book. I started to take a break because I was not the best writer. I started writing on Wattpad and I began to feel more confident with my writing. I began to love poems and wrote them. I hope you support my book
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    I'm 12 two LOL this will be sad for the chick but how bout Nick and his gang kidnapped her bff and then one of the gang rape her and she gets prego oh and Nick and them should use as I to be bait so she would go so they would let her go <3
    KIDNAPPED.............. BY ONE DIRECTION!?
    Hi my name is Ammarah. I was living a normal life with my best friend, Arianna. We live in an apartment together. Now the thing is that she is obssesed with one direction and me, well not so much. She...
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    really good idea and I will use a part of it and will give you credit -AMMARAH
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    I like it a lot I think it is a really good book and for the contest how bout Alea Danster if boy Chase Lense. Alea is goth and chase once nothin to do with ummmmmm the main charcterz
    "I am scared". I mumbled between my weeping. "We will live trough this I promise". He said "Maybe". The door opened and light came shining in the dark room. I scream at the top of my lungs and the man...
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    Crap that's where I got Alea from ok i instead of Alea how bout Joyce Danster
    Thanks XD
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