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I'm incredibly bad at descriptions, so sorry in advance.

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    The pain in having to write whilst songs from High School Musical are constantly and randomly ringing through your head.
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    Sorry about before, I think I got overly excited and jumped ahead.
    Title: The Tales of the Emotions
    Author: EllieOdair
    I'd prefer to not have a quote/subtitle (:
    Genre: Fantasy
    Summary: It's about the lives of emotions - close cousins of pixies and fairies - who are at risk due to the sorcerer's desires to steal the emotions they portray. Emotions such as Love and Hatred have wings and a cloud above their head in a colour that relates to the feelings --> Love = pink and Hatred = Red
    Colours: A dark theme (like a forest at night)
    Mood: I would like for it to have a magical feel to it
    Ideas: A weeping willow at night with small multicoloured lights hidden in the tree (the emotions) with the title in white font.
    Thank you so much & sorry for before, again :)

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    Thanks! That's completely fine, just do it when you feel like it :)
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