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  • Elli M. Coast

    mumbled "Blank Page"

    Ive been staring at a computer screen for a good 4 hours thinking of how to start my story, but I have nooooooooo damn clue how to start. Any clues on starting stories?
    5 years ago
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    Start with something that will catch the readers attention. Wit one of mine (Regret) I started with them robbing a museum. (Ok, horrible example, but still). Anything that will make the reader want more!
  • Elli M. Coast

    mumbled "My Ghost Story"

    Hey guys. I don't know if you believe in the paranormal, but I do. I have a little ghost story to tell you. So I was sitting in my basement on the computer when I thought I saw someone walk by the room I was in, my basement has no doors so it is easy to see into the hallway. I disregarded it figuring it was my brother. I then saw the figure walk back into the hall and enter the room I was in. When I turned to say hi to my brother the figure disappeared. I then disregarded it as my displaying tricks on me. I went back to typing when I felt something touch the back of my head. When I turned nothing was there. Needless to say I got out of the room and ran to my own.
    What do you guys think happened that night to me?
    5 years ago
    I don't know, but it sure does sound creepy..!
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