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Hey, my name is ella im 16 and i love music, writing, acting anything to express my creativity! im a swimmer and have an amazing best friend charlotte! <3

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    Love it <3 Update!!
    Growing Up
    Growing Up
    Hi, my name is Angela I am 17 with dark brown hair and naturally tan skin. Most people just call me Angie, or slut. But can you blame them, that's what I am. I have a perfect family, which drives me insane!...
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    I have light brown hair with the ends dip dyed red. I have darkish, bright blue eyes. Dating louis. Im 16 turning 17 in 3 days and my name is Gabrielle Sykes and theme, i dont really care <3
    One direction Imagines
    One direction Imag...
    This account is for imagines. Feedback as always appreciated, I don't do this often. If you are interested in imagines, comment with 1. Your hair color 2. your eye color 3. what type of relationship you...
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    He was just your average boy.
    He was just your...
    He was your average high school boy, he got the girls, he had the friends and he had the money. Harry styles was just a boy who thought that he could pay his way through life and he could get everything...
    5 years ago
    YEAH :D i will later i am just doing homeowork :D
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    Gabrielle Sykes 17. Light brown hair with red dip dyed tips. I have dark but still bright blue eyes im usually caught in high waisted shorts, converse and a tank top with my hair either down or in a messy bun make up wise, i dont wear much im 5'7" and a swimmer.im very caring and i stick up for my friends no matter what! Im shy when i meet a person but 5 minutes later BAM! Im this fun, crazy,outgoing girl! Bad parts to me are i have a temper and tend to bottle it all up and let it out on different people im very loyal but once someone breaks my trust thats it! I do get snappy and s
    You Changed Me:+:FAN FIC
    You Changed Me:+:F...
    Blake Rinning isnt living the normal teenage girl life. Her mom works with One Direction, the band Blake cant stand. They just tell a girl they're pretty and they think they're in love! She gets put in...
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    I absouloutley love this series SO POST THE SEQUAL!!! P.s i like the name of the main character "Gabrielle" i peobably like it cause its my name xD anyway! :)
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