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Stupid stuff step parents do

by , Monday November 7, 2016
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 Stupid stuff step parents do

FYI, Don't call the cops

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  • Bloody_Queen
    This is awesome.
    The One who Saved Harry Potter
    The One who Saved...
    We all know that Harry was horribly abused at the Dursley's. But what if Severus had saved him just after he turned three?
  • Bloody_Queen

    mumbled "Wattpad"

    So I'm on Wattpad, I have been for awhile and I swear. This one girl on there, she's my bff, ships me with Hoodie. She's even writing a fanfic that's shipping us. It's a x reader fanfic and she threw me in as the shy sister. She even has a ship name thought up. Windie! Mostly because my username for Wattpad is Marie Winters...
  • Bloody_Queen

    mumbled "SORRY"

    To those actually looking forward to my Christmas fanfic, I AM SO SORRY. I won't be able to get it finished by my deadline. You all will unfortunately have to wait another year. I have to unpublish it to work on it throughout the year without you seeing. But still. Merry Christmas. I am sincerely sorry.
  • Bloody_Queen

    mumbled "Broken brothers"

    Liu and Jeff's story makes me cry. These two were best friends and brothers, but it was all taken away from them all because of the bully, Randy and the idiots that followed him. Jeff and Liu were so close, not they are pitted against each other because of Liu's alternate personality, Sully. Liu has an alternate personality but so does Jeff. Do you not think that Jeff regrets all he has killed? He can't help but kill. His insanity controls him now. I think that the real Jeff is fighting in the sidelines just to get a word in. Just to voice his opinions. I think, no, I believe that Jeff is fighting a war that he has no chance to win. People think that Liu got the worst part of the deal but really, Jeff did. Jeff has to cope with killing the only people he had that loved him. He has to cope with the fact that his older brother wants him dead. He has to deal with the guilt of killing so many. Jeff lost everything to his insanity. Liu lost a few loved ones and his brother. Jeff lost his best friend, his brother, his parents, his home, acceptance, his sanity, his innocence, and much more. Jeff can never go back to a normal life while Liu can. He marked himself as insane the day he carved his smile.
    Jeff lost everything to a bully. He protected his brother but at what price? He didn't even get to keep what he fought so hard for. If Liu would just stop trying to kill Jeff and actually listen then maybe he would see that the boy he misses is still there. That the boy never left. That boy was just locked away, unable to escape without the help of his older brother. If he would just stop and listen then maybe the brothers could go back to a semi-normal life at least. But that will never happen because of a bully. All because of a stupid bully.
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