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I'm Liz :)

  • ElizabethAnna

    My Movella is good, I think/hope

    I just recent;y posted a new story about vampires. The story is kind of like a Twilight spin-off because it's about a coven of vampires and some shape-shifters. There aren't many main characters who are human. The story follows a vampire girl Rebecca in Maine with her 'family.' She meets a shape-shifting panther and she hates him at first. The story will eventually show Rebecca's normal-ish life while trying to be a vampire as well. She likes to break the rules a lot and does. I hope whoever reads this post will please read my story :)
  • ElizabethAnna

    I want to collaborate with someone :3

    I really wanna write with someone. It can be about any topic, except One Direction and Justin Bieber. I reallllyyy wanna write with someeeonneeee! I'm good with grammar and editing as well, so someone should write with me :) Anddd I tend to never say no to any ideas :) I like vampires btw :3
    4 years ago
    I have some romance that need help:)
    4 years ago
    hey! wanna maybe collab in a new story|?! any topic is fineee
  • ElizabethAnna

    mumbled "Anyone?"

    Does anyone wanna co-write something together? It can be anyyyyyy topic, except One Direction or Justin Bieber. I really wanna collaborate with someeeeonnneeee :3
    4 years ago
    Sure, what would you wanna do? I light not update much, but if you update a bit I will try to too.:)
    4 years ago
    Sorry this has nothing to do with this but have you read the Bane chronicles? It's by the same author as the Mortal instruments and infernal devises but it's just centred around Magnus Bane. They are the best books ever. The first one is really funny. If you're a fan of him I think you'd really really enjoy them :D
  • ElizabethAnna

    mumbled "TVD is too intense..."

    OMG The Vampire Diaries.... that show is just too much sometimes. There. Is. Only. One. Cure. That's just OMG... I hope Damon and Elena end up together forever, even though I love Stefan. And Rebecca needs to go homeee..... Okay, just had to talk about this..
    4 years ago
    Yes. England is so far behind, I don't even know about any of this.:(:(:(
    I just bought all of the episode in bali
    Can't wait to watch them :D
  • ElizabethAnna
    Thanks :) And I'll try to write more really soon. I have no school this week so I'll try to upload a lot :)
    Vampires are Normal Too, You Know!
    Vampires are Norma...
    Rebecca is a normal teenager, living a normal life. Except that she's a vampire. And where she's from, no one knows that. Rebecca attempts to live her normal-ish life while trying to not feed off the living....
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