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Hello world :) I am a hopeless dreamer, stuck to think wishfully until somehow I conjure up a big idea and a way to spell without the use of "spell check". Thank you to everyone who reads my work. It was a created with an unnatural sense of ambition and a vague plan.

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    Hey everyone! Sorry for not putting out so many chapters recently. I am currently occupied with mid-term exams, finishing our school's magazine, and new project I should unveil in few weeks ;)
    Hello Elizabeth,
    My name is Heine Carlsen and I am a Danish writer, who is about to create an online course for Danish students between the ages of 13 and 15, who study English as a foreign language. The topic is fan fiction, which is a growing phenomenon in Denmark too.
    I can see that you were the winner of a writing competition about One Direction and I would like to do an interview with you, which can be used as part of my educational product.
    Would you be interested in an interview? It would be a great help for me and give my product a whole new dimension.
    If you are interested, I could contact you either via Skype, email or other - which ever suits you the best.
    Hope to hear from you soon via my email: journalist@heinecarlsen.dk.
    (I can assure you that this is not some kind of prank email, but a serious enquiry with a serious purpose)

    Heine Carlsen, journalist and writer, Denmark
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    my life

    That awkward moment when you realize that there is a war between original Movellians and Directioners and you won the fan fiction competition, but you don't consider yourself to be stereotyped under the term "directioner" because you we're here before the competition.
    yeah... that's my life as Elizabeth Hale in one, long, run-on sentence. *Phew*
    I am a movellian but i was considering writing 1 1d story but it would be just 1, so that couldn't hurt right?
    I wrote one before we got flooded with them and don't regret it one bit- i loved writing it... just a warning though, when I go through books I tend to avoid the fanfics now, which could effect the feedback, so don't get down if there's not many views,! don't worry, its not your writing! xx But maybe there are people that do read them? Just give it a go!
    I will, but not right now, I am currently working on two new movellas so I'll do it someother time. and I also tend to avoid fan fics, no offense, I just want to read other people's stuff, bc all the 1d stories r the same. They always fall in love with 1D.
    ♡ Angel ♡
    I know one fanfiction that's 1D but Harry's like her dad or something. Um if you wanna check it out its called Who's My Father? and the author is Jamie:)
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    100 fans!

    Thank you to everyone who takes the time to look at my work! I will do my best to take a look at other people's work and commment :) I can't believe taht it was only six months ago that I started writing on Movellas: thank you to everyone :D
    I am ur 141 fan. Lucky you have that many. I need one more to get to 30, I have almost been a member for a month and by the end of the month my goal is to get to 30. could you check out some of my movellas? thank you. feed back appreciated.
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    Thanks everyone!

    I just looked and I have 60 fans! Oh my gosh, it feels like just yesterday I started Movellas. Thanks to each and every one of you that reads my work. It means the world to me! :D
    Grace Taylor
    really love your work Elizabeth and would be so grateful if you could check out my new movella Message from Above for some feedback? thankyou :) x
    well done on winning the 1D competition!! Just took a look at your work, and its amazing xx defiantly fanning you! :D xxxx
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    Oh my gosh everyone! The Gifted + Stormed duo is actually finished! Completed!! Yea!
    ...... and now for three months of editng... oh boy...
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