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    Low Pings and Low Latency Makes Great Game Servers: Elite Game Servers Offers Both

    May 24, 2014 – Although many people think gaming requires a phone or console there are hundreds of thousands of hardcore online gamers that require much more specific hardware. When it comes to elite gaming hardware looking for speed is often the only consideration. Elite Game Servers provides it in spades.

    One of the most important aspects of online gaming is having low pings, low latency, high uptime and fast, quality and reliable bandwidth. By being able to give players what they need, Elite Game Servers has carved out a loyal customer base in the US and Europe, simply by meeting these qualifications with great hardware.

    EGS uses only Intel multicore processors from quality manufacturers such as HP or Supermicro with quality scheduled maintenance programs for both the physical hardware and software environments. Their lowest spec server is a quad core processor capable of billions of calculations per second, coupled with DDR3 memory to provide a consistently smooth gaming platform. With regular scheduled hardware and software maintenance in non-peak times you can be assured of consistent performance with minimal impact on your gaming.

    If you are looking for a responsible company as well, EGS supports green initiatives by using halogen free and RoHS compliant hardware where possible and a 92% efficient power supply, making the world outside your gaming tunnel vision just a little greener when you emerge.

    Some of the top worldwide gaming clans have made EGS their home and have a few words about them. Extreme Gaming Clan states: “EGS has provided us with a stable network with low latency which allowed our clan to quickly expand to the US. Their support is super-B and they have a nice control panel which allows you to install mods like Sapp.” With many other supporters EGS has grown its customer base and offerings significantly.

    If you are looking for game server hosting that can support the fastest in online gaming across a variety of the most popular game server hosting games including Minecraft game server hosting, Halo, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Crysis, Arma, Counter Strike: Global Offensive game server hosting, and many others will have you gaming in a fast, secure, customizable environment.

    With accurate uptime reports daily, you can not only rely on EGS’s past performance but are able to realize their ongoing commitment to quality uptime, bandwidth, ping and latency in real time. Even more important is their recent addition of DDOS attack prevention by partnering with OVH one of the largest datacenters in the world with the ability to protect against DDOS attacks with over 2TBs of overcapacity.

    Get secure, fast and continuously available game server hosting for your current gaming needs.

    About Elite Game Servers:
    With over 8 years in the game server provider industry EGS has the knowledge and ability to provide reliable service both in gaming and customer service. With an amazing array of features and benefits such as customizable game server control panels, clients can even take their experience a step further. Their focus on corporate social responsibility by providing overcapacity computing ability in non-peak periods for the folding@home project helps keep the company get a larger perspective

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