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I am a writer, dancer, actress, artist, and singer. I have 4 younger siblings. 2 are both making a book series (with my help for editing). I have 3 hamster (One is pregers). And I have 1 boyfriends( I am loyal like that XD)

  • Eli Yang
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    Name: Bliss Wood (If there is a wood in harry potter, then change the last name)
    Age: 14
    Year: Fourth
    Living With: My father the first half of my life. Once I turned 11, I became lived with mother
    House: Slyterin (But I am nice. Don't hate on us slyterin)
    Apperance: White hair, tan skin, bright blue eyes, likes to wear a lot of ripped jeans and tank-tops.
    Personality Traits: Spunky, Smart, Comidiac
    Your Time At Hogwarts
    Your Time At Hogwa...
    Have you ever wanted to go to Hogwarts? Don't lie, you always have. Enter your character and read their adventure at Hogwarts where everyone is the main character!
    4 years ago
    There is: Oliver Wood
    Eli Yang
    4 years ago
    Well...that sucks for me...anyway. Change the last name and hope to be in the story
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